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ModelRisk - overview E-mail

ModelRisk Versions

There are now three versions of ModelRisk available:

- Standard version, which provides a complete set of Monte Carlo simulation tools within Excel;

- Professional version, which extends this capability with a wide range of powerful tools based on their unique object modeling; and the

- Professional Plus version which allows the user to develop special applications by calling ModelRisk routines from within VBA or C++. Click here for a comparison of features.


ModelRisk industry specific Modules

The Insurance and Finance Module adds even more insurance and finance specific features to the already extensive range of risk modeling tools within ModelRisk. The module is fully integrated into ModelRisk. Features include:


Popular financial time series forecasts:





- Multivariate GBM

- Multivariate GARCH (BEKK)

- Wilkie models


Fitting of the time series models to data including:

- Simulation of statistical uncertainty of the parameters

- Goodness of fit using three information criteria (AIC, SIC, HQIC)

- Functions for returning parameter estimates, Objects or simulation

- Log likelihood calculations

- Bayesian model average tools for blending models


Aggregate insurance claim calculations:

- De Pril

- Fast Fourier transform

- Panjer

- Multivariate fast Fourier transform

- Aggregate Product (simulate aggregation of claims based on products of variables)

- Aggregate Tranche (simulate exposure to different tranches simultaneously)


Classical portfolio optimization
Insurance fund ruin and depletion tools
Stochastic dominance tool
Eigenvalue and eigenvector calculations
Mean excess calculations
Insurance principle calculations (expected value, standard deviation, risk adjusted, Esscher)
Runoff triangle simulation



We provide different licenses to meet the needs of our clients.

- Perpetual License: The perpetual license never expires, can be installed on a single computer and is intended for a single user. A maintenance contract is required for access to technical support, bug fixes and upgrades. The first year of maintenance is included with the initial license fee.

- Trial License: Trial licenses are fully functional for 30 days and include access to technical support, bug fixes and upgrades during the trial. 

- Subscription License: A one year license which includes access to technical support, bug fixes and upgrades during life of the license.

- Network License:
Floating network license: A floating network license (also known as a concurrent license) allows up to a specified number of computers to use ModelRisk simultaneously. This can be an efficient way of giving access to a large corporate group where most people would use ModelRisk rarely.
Enterprise network license: An enterprise license gives unrestricted access to ModelRisk for all users on the organisation's network. Available for seats in excess of 100.


The current pricing can be found at


Academic Program

Vose Software provides a special program for professors, students and academic labs.
More information can be found at:




Video Tutorials
We have big range of video tutorials which explains a lot of features of ModelRisk. You can look at the videos at:


Comparison List

Users of @RISK and Crystal Ball are most interested in the comparison list between ModelRisk, CB and @RISK. You can take look at the document at:


Pentru detalii despre achiziția acestui produs software vă rugăm să ne contacți folosind pagina de contact.

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