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Securitate IT
Security Policy Automation - Improve Cloud Application Security ROI E-mail

This article explains how automated tools can be used to translate security policy into technical security implementation for cloud applications so that security practitioners can better support financial rationale behind cloud computing, and also influence cloud providers to provide better security tools.

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Are Tokenization and Data Field Encryption Good for Business E-mail

Tokenization and data field encryption are two emerging technologies that are gaining popularity as a means to reduce both risk and effort in complying with industry security regulations. But as the technology gains marketplace acceptance, the full ramifications of the business impact need to be examined. Some outstanding questions remain around standardization, flexibility, and overall maturity of the solutions.

Complete story on .

How to Encrypt the World E-mail

One of the strongest controls used to protect data is to “encrypt it,” which is great in concept. However, in reality there are multiple possible solutions with associated benefits, risks, and pitfalls. Not all encryption solutions are equal; there is no one “encrypt it” solution. Where data is encrypted in the logical data flow, and consequently decrypted, matters a great deal when trying to mitigate specific threats to valuable information assets. This paper will break down solutions and propose a simple white-board method for mapping encryption solutions against the threat landscape.

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Update via WikiLeaks legat de Google vs China si vulnerabilitate IE E-mail

Țineți minte cazul acesta ?  Se întâmpla în Ianuarie: Google vs China si vulnerabilitate IE :[..] a avut loc un puternic atac informatic "venit din China" îndreptat împotriva Google şi a altor organizaţii [..]

Acum că WikiLeacks face  valuri apar și dovezi legate de acel atac: WikiLeaks: China was behind cyber-attack on Google.

Extras din articol: [...] The Google attack was ”part of a coordinated campaign of computer sabotage carried out by government operatives, private security experts and Internet outlaws recruited by the Chinese government,” according to one of the leaked cables. [...]

Vezi și NY Times .


inSecuritatea in 2011 E-mail
Imperva publică State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks, Mobile Device Data Breaches Expected in 2011, un studiu top 10 legat de cele mai des întâlnite amnințări la adresa securității informaționale, previziuni pentru anul 2011:
  1. atacuri coordonate de state, guverne
  2. atacuri coordonate din interiorul organizațiilor
  3. atacuri MitB (man in the browser)
  4. atacuri în zona social networking
  5. (in)securitate la nivel de fișiere
  6. (in)securitate la nivel de dispozitive mobile
  7. (in)securitatea în cloud
  8. atacuri ale hackerilor
  9. (trend) cybersecuritatea devine proces de afacere
  10. (trend) convergența securitate date & reglementări juridice
Anunțul Imperva este analizat de Net-Security AICI.
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